About Green Mountain

Framed by sweeping views of the Green Mountains and by the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, the 17th season of the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival will take place on the campus of St. Michael's College from June 27 to July 25, 2021. The 2021 Green Mountain concert series will comprise six faculty concerts. Past series included works at the heart of the chamber repertoire, unusual pieces such as the 19th century octet of Bruch, and music by fresh compositional voices of our time such as Judith Shatin, Dan Visconti and Gabriela Lena Frank.

Green Mountain also offers an opportunity for committed violin, viola, cello and piano students to dedicate themselves to four weeks of rigorous work developing their solo playing and honing their chamber music skills. Our intensive program of solo and chamber music study welcomes college, graduate and high school age musicians into an atmosphere of focused professionalism. For these emerging artists the heart of the Green Mountain experience is the time committed each day to individual practicing. The schedule provides four hours of individual practice each day, daily chamber music rehearsal, lessons, coachings, master classes and a variety of workshops. Engaging in this consistent effort within a supportive community of teachers, staff and peers makes a significant impact on students' level of performance.

The Festival also organizes its student participants into chamber groups with great care to provide an optimal experience for the exploration of chamber repertoire in rehearsal and performance. We are aware of our responsibility not simply to teach our students to perform, but ultimately to help them to become advocates for their art. To this end, our series of outreach performances, Classical Encounters, presents many Green Mountain students in non-traditional performance venues throughout the area and region.

The Festival's faculty concert series and its extensive student performance opportunities complement the productive practice and rehearsal schedule, creating an ideal setting for participants' musical development. These participants, in turn, enrich the experience of concert goers with their passionate response to the compelling performances offered by their mentors.