Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021, Green Mountain will be held at St. Michael's College in Colchester VT, which is 4 miles from our usual location at UVM. Details on this page are being updated as information becomes available.

Last update: June 28, 2021

Green Mountain 2021

How many students will be at Green Mountain, and what is the age range? Is the program different depending on the age of the student?

We expect to have 175 students on campus at the festival this year, plus a small number studying online. Three-fourths of our students are in college or graduate school, and one-fourth are in high school. The structure of the program is the same for all students, consisting of morning practice hours, afternoon chamber music rehearsals, six private lessons, six chamber music coachings, evening concerts and outreach performance opportunities. Chamber music ensembles are formed with attention to age as well as playing level. Performance opportunities are equally available to students and ensembles of all age levels.


Where will I be living during the festival? Will I have a roommate?

All students will be housed in Alumni and Ryan Halls on the campus of St. Michael's College. There is no air-conditioning in dorm rooms, so a fan, even a small one, can be helpful. Lounge areas in the Dion Family Student Center, where the Festival office is located, are air conditioned, along with the music building and other academic halls in which rehearsals and lessons take place.

Students will be grouped by age and gender in several halls, with resident assistants placed throughout and close to the under-18 students. Shared bathroom facilities are available on each floor.

Students are housed one to a room, even though many rooms are set up with two sets of furniture (beds, desks, chairs, closets). String players will be practicing in their dorm rooms; each piano student will be assigned a practice room for their use.


Is there a curfew (time when students must be on their dorm floor/in their rooms)?

Yes. Students are busy at Green Mountain and we want to be sure that everyone stays well-rested and healthy during their time at the festival. Quiet hours are enforced throughout the dorm starting at 10:30 PM each night (except Saturday—11:30 PM) and lasting until 7:00 AM the following morning, with no exceptions.

Under-18 students are required to be in their rooms by 10:30 pm Sunday through Friday, and by 11:30 pm on Saturday. 

For students 18 and over it is suggested to be in their rooms by 11:30 Sunday through Friday, and by 12:30 am on Saturday.


What are the meals like? What if I have special dietary needs? 

Three meals per day are available in the newly-renovated Green Mountain Dining Room in Alliot Hall. Dining services are provided by Sodexo and have many options, including vegetarian and vegan choices at each meal, allergen-free zones for those with nut allergies or gluten intolerance, and plenty of healthy choices. You may contact Amanda Stenroos with specific dining questions.


May parents visit during the festival? May relatives or friends visit?

Parents are welcome to visit campus and attend concerts (Emerging Artists concerts are free; tickets for Faculty Artist Series concerts are $25, and free for students with valid ID). Parents who wish to visit a festival student must check in with the Resident Director. If parents plan to take their child off-campus, please be sure the student signs out according to our normal rule.

Any other visitors are free to visit campus, but will only be allowed into the dorms if approved by Resident Director (if student is under 18, parents must also have given specific permission in advance). Likewise, parents must give specific permission in advance if other visitors wish to take an under-18 student off-campus.

No visitors, including parents and siblings, are allowed to stay overnight in dorms, according to SMC rules.


Can I keep a car on campus?

Yes; if you bring a car, you will be able to park it in one of the lots adjacent to the dorms. Please email Program Manager Amanda Stenroos to register your car no later than June 28, 2021.


What should I bring?

Bedding (for extra-long twin mattress) and pillow—no linen service provided
Fan (the resident staff will make shopping trips available in the first few days for students to purchase fans and other needs)
Clothing for all types of weather (it may be hot, cold or rainy)
Face masks
Rain jacket and umbrella
Performance clothing (more information below)
Bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses
Athletic shoes, clothing for weekend activities
Toiletries and tote
Medications (please list these on your Medical Treatment Authorization form)
Laundry items (bag, detergent)
Alarm clock
Music stand, pencils, metronome, tuners, strings
Piano parts for any music you might wish to perform (original is best)
Recording device (if you wish to record lessons or chamber rehearsals)
Cash or debit card for miscellaneous spending
Cellists may wish to consider bringing or purchasing a bench for daily practicing


Can I access the Internet?

Wireless internet is available throughout campus. Student will be provided with the guest network password upon arrival.


Can I have a refrigerator and/or microwave in my dorm room?

Yes, students are permitted to bring a low voltage mini-fridge and a microwave. Please note the Festival is unable to offer microfridge rentals in 2021.


How can I do laundry while at the Festival?

Laundry facilities are available on the lower level of Alumni and Ryan Halls (the dorms). Students will need to purchase reloadable laundry cards at the bookstore located in Alliot Hall and will need to provide their own detergent.


Is there anything I may not have in my room?

Alcohol, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia are not permitted in SMC dorms at any time, even if you are 21 years of age or older. GMCMF policy is immediate dismissal, without refund, for possessing or drinking alcoholic beverages on campus or while participating in GMCMF-sponsored off-campus trips (even if student is 21 years of age or above), selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor, or using illicit drugs at any time. SMC policies also prohibit candles, incense, flammable items and high-wattage electrical devices.


Who takes care of my room?

You do! Housekeeping is provided only for common areas and the hall bathrooms. Recycling and trash disposal is well provided for in each hall. We expect any damage or maintenance issues to be reported promptly to GMCMF resident staff.


What should I bring to wear for concerts?

There are no specific requirements for what should be worn by student performers, beyond an expectation that all dress nicely, if not formally. A colorful dress or a white blouse with black pants or skirt for women, a white shirt, tie and jacket, or a black shirt and pants for men are typical. We suggest that every student bring an all-black outfit and one black below/white on top outfit, as chamber ensembles may decide to coordinate their dress.

Please dress neatly for concert attendance, especially artist faculty concerts, which are attended by many of our sponsors and donors.


How do students get information they need while at the festival?

Our resident staff maintains an office in the Dion Family Student Center; all students and families will be given contact phone numbers they may use.

Each student will be scheduled for six lessons, and each chamber ensemble will be scheduled for six coachings. By late Sunday evening of each week, students should be able to view their teacher's and coach's schedules to find scheduled times and locations for the coming week.

Updated bulletin boards are maintained in two locations: in the lounge area in the Dion Family Student Center, and in the lobby of the SMC Music Building. Faculty teaching schedules and locations, a sign-out list for those leaving campus, blank forms needed to request a pianist or an opportunity to perform, information about shopping or recreational trips, and general information needed by students will be available on the Festival office bulletin board. Faculty teaching schedules are duplicated on the Music Building bulletin board, and are also sent to students by email.


How will I get mail while at the festival? *address updated June 18*

Mail and packages for students can be sent to SMC prior to and during the four weeks of the festival.
All mail and packages must be addressed as follows:

Student Name
One Winooski Park, Box 2056
Colchester, VT 05439

Throughout the four weeks, incoming mail is collected from the mail room on campus and brought to the Festival office in Dion Family Student Center. Students are then notified to come and retrieve their mail.

How can I send outgoing mail?

There is a full-service post office located on campus on the lower level of Joyce Hall, open Monday-Friday 9 am - 4 pm, phone 802-654-2430.


Are there athletic facilities available?

Students may use the facilities at the SMC Athletic Complex during their open summer hours (below). The complex contains a fitness room, indoor track, and pool (hours coming soon). SMC has many outdoor field and green spaces that may also be used for recreation. There is also a Cardio Room in the Dion Family Student Center (2nd floor) that will be available to students throughout the festival. Please note students 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. Face masks are not required for GMCMF, as we are all fully vaccinated.

Summer Tarrant Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 10:00am-3:00pm & 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED
  • Pool: Open swim hours are on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.

Is smoking allowed on campus?

St. Michael's College is a completely tobacco-free campus. This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors. The use of tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapor pens and all smoking products are not permitted on any college-owned property.


What if I need medical care?

It is vitally important that each student submits a Medical Treatment Authorization form before coming to Green Mountain. Medical personnel need a parent's or legal guardian's permission before giving treament to students who are under 18 years of age. For all students, we need to have basic information about a student's medical history and any medications currently taken, in case of emergency. Students will manage their own medication unless the student and/or parent would like to request the resident staff to be involved. An excellent clinic is nearby, which takes walk-in patients and charges moderately; we will drive students who need to be seen by a doctor. For emergencies, anyone present should call 911 as well as notifying the Resident Director, Rose Baker.


What kind of security does the dorm have?

Each student is issued a room key and the outside doors to the dorm complex are locked and require a key code to enter. Each dorm room has a dead bolt and an automatic closer. If a student accidentally locks him/herself out, there is a service desk they may contact, and a SMC staff person will confirm their identity and come unlock the room.


How safe is the campus and town?

The SMC campus is a very safe place, with a campus police force that patrols 24 hours a day. When off-campus, we recommend that all students walk or ride the bus in pairs or groups. When leaving campus, students of all ages must sign out on a list in the dorm lobby with their destination and time of leaving/returning.


Should parents give their under-18 student permission to leave campus?

Downtown Burlington is 4 miles away from St. Michael's College, and is accessible via a 20 minute bus ride on Green Mountain Transit. The ride is currently fare-free. Downtown is very appealing, with a beautiful pedestrian marketplace frequented by both local residents and tourists. Several blocks further is the waterfront area on Lake Champlain, with lovely public parks, boardwalk, eating establishments, etc. We have found that students really appreciate having the freedom to visit these areas, and are responsible about traveling in groups and signing out and back in at the dorm. If you have concerns for your child, though, you may wait to decide about giving this permission. This permission can be emailed later to the Resident Director.


Can I borrow reading matter from a library?

Our students are not eligible to borrow books from SMC’s library or the local public library. GMCMF provides a small chamber music borrowing library. For reading, there are several excellent bookstores in town, and the local public library has an ongoing book sale.


How much spending money will I need?

Students vary widely in how much money they spend while at the festival. Since 3 meals a day are provided, students can manage with little, even though others spend more. A few of the (optional) weekend trips we take have a fee. All concerts are free to students.


Where can I get cash?

ATMs are located on the campus of St. Michael's College in Alliot Hall and the Dion Student Center.


What if my instrument needs repair?

The Burlington Violin Shop (new location at 5 Green Tree Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403; phone: 802-862-0349) provides quality on-site repairs and sells strings and other items. The store is a sponsor of the festival, and their staff members are very responsive to our students’ needs. The shop is an eleven minute drive from campus; rides will be arranged when necessary. Vermont Violins will also be visiting our festival during the 2021 season. Information will be posted on the Festival bulletin board.



How do I request to play in a concert?

At the start of the festival, a link will be shared to an online performance request form. Please fill out the form with care, making sure to include all information needed for the program such as opus numbers and movement titles.

Your teacher will need to approve any performance request. The Artistic Director will make decisions on performance dates and program order, then we will post concert lists at the dorm as programs are decided. If you are selected to perform on a student concert, you will be contacted to submit a bio. Please send a well-written bio of 60 to 120 words by the deadline requested.


How will students know when they can perform? Will parents be able to see their son or daughter perform near the end of the festival?

Emerging Artists concerts generally take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm in the SMC Recital Hall (the first EAS concert is July 1); other evenings are added after the first week to accommodate the many students and chamber ensembles who are prepared to play. Dates, times, and locations will be posted on our website. Evening concerts require complete pieces, which may be either solo or chamber works. 


For concerts during the first week, the Artistic Director will communicate with festival faculty about which students will perform. For concerts during the remaining weeks, performers must apply with their teacher's or chamber coach's approval; the link to this online form will be provided to students as the festival begins. Programs for these concerts are typically announced to students with a few days' notice; printed programs are available at the concert but not posted on our website.


During the final week of the festival, there will also be afternoon concerts on Tuesday 7/20, Thursday 7/22, and Saturday 7/24, at which individuals and chamber groups may perform partial pieces. We will make every effort to give the opportunity to perform every individual student and chamber group prepared to play will have an ; however, performance is not required.


In addition to Emerging Artists concerts, the Festival's Classical Encounter series provides many opportunities for string chamber ensembles to perform in a wide range of community venues. These outreach performances will generally take place during the second half of the festival. Dates, times, and locations will be posted on our website; printed programs are not generally produced. In 2021, Classical Encounters performances will be extremely limited to ensure the safety of performers and audience.


If a specific date is desired for a performance, the student should—early in the festival-—speak with his/her teacher or coach and other members of the ensemble involved about requesting that date. 

Can I get a recording of my performance?

Concerts which take place in the SMC Recital Hall are recorded. We will make recordings available to participants on our website, using a non-public page. The link will be sent to all participants by late September, and you will be able to download recordings from that page.



How does the festival end? Is there a final concert?

The final Artist Faculty Series concert of the Festival will take place on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 7:30 pm at Elley-Long Music Center. Tickets for this concert, as for all Artist Faculty concerts, are on sale at the door beginning at 7:00 p.m. or may be purchased online (look for the purchase link for each concert). GMCMF participants are required to attend, and do not need tickets.

During the final week, in addition to Emerging Artists (student) concerts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, concerts will be scheduled on the afternoons of Thursday 7/22, and Saturday 7/24.

Sunday, July 25 will be the day of departure for students. Our resident staff coordinates the checkout process and provides shuttle rides to airport, bus, and train, beginning at 4 a.m. Festival participants should plan to leave the SMC campus by noon on Sunday, July 25; those with afternoon or evening flights will be given transportation to the airport around noon.

Students wishing to leave the festival prior to Sunday, July 25 will need to inform their teacher, chamber group and coach, as well as the Artistic Director and Resident Director. Transportation to airport, bus, and train will not be provided on Saturday, July 24.

What happens if I lose my dorm room key?

SMC will charge the festival $25 for any keys not returned, as they will need to change the locks on these rooms. Therefore, we require you to pay us upon leaving. You may pay the Resident Director using cash or check, or here using a credit card.