Travel Plans 2019

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Please fill out the form below so that we will know when and how to expect your arrival in Burlington. Please be sure before making any reservations that you have reviewed the Travel to GMCMF page for useful information about arrival and departure times, pickups, and driving directions. If you need to be picked up from the airport, bus, or train station, GMCMF will provide your transportation to and from the University of Vermont campus (at no cost). GMCMF will also provide local transportation for later arrivals, earlier departures, or any students with a flight needed during the festival (please provide details).

Please note that dormitory housing is not available for those arriving before Sunday, June 23. If you should decide to arrive on Saturday, June 22, you must arrange to stay the night at a hotel—several have free airport pickup—and let us know to pick you up there on Sunday, June 23.

By noon on Monday, July 22, all festival participants (including those leaving by car) must vacate the UVM dorms. Students departing by air, bus, or train will be provided with transportation between 4 AM and noon; they will be scheduled to leave campus 2 hours in advance of flights. Students with afternoon or evening departures will be taken to the airport, bus, or train station by festival staff at noon.