Tuition, scholarships, work study

Tuition - 2020 Festival

The Resident Tuition fee of $4,500 includes six lessons, six chamber music coachings, all classes, concerts, and workshops, dorm housing, 3 meals per day, and local transportation.

The Commuter Tuition fee $3,500 includes six lessons, six chamber music coachings, all classes, concerts, and workshops, 2 meals a day, and no housing or local transportation.


Non-refundable tuition policy

Tuition is non-refundable. An agreement to participate in GMCMF creates commitments to the program's other participants. Many others are affected if a student leaves the program early, therefore no refunds will be made in the case of early departure. 



The Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival provides some scholarship assistance to qualified students who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Scholarship awards are determined by the Artistic Director, who takes into consideration the requirements of the program and the financial need of prospective students. As the Festival’s funds are limited, students are encouraged to investigate sources of financial assistance which may be available in their own community.

Your overall application to the Festival must be complete in order to be considered for a scholarship. The deadline for scholarship applications will be the same as festival applications: March 1, 2020.


Work-study awards

All festival students receiving larger amounts of scholarship will be asked to take on a work-study task of approximately 3 hours per week, and all scholarship applicants are asked about the skills they could offer. However, the Festival does not determine financial aid by filling specific work-study positions paying specific amounts.