A statement from the board and administration of Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival

Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival brings together superb musicians, young and old, of different races, languages, religions and national origins. Our calling as artists is to offer the world a beauty that transcends difference and division. Our experience of creating this beauty leads us to an abiding aspiration for a society that is just and is open to the gifts of all. 

Seeing with excruciating clarity that racism and injustice remain pervasive in our national life, we commit ourselves to making the classical music community more representative of our whole society. Believing that the music we love belongs to everyone, we see the need for a far more diverse representation in our music schools and concert halls. We are immediately creating a new scholarship fund focused on supporting African American musicians. We pledge also to continue working with other musical organizations committed to promoting broader representation within the classical music world.

June 19, 2020