Elective Offerings

Additional Elective Offerings at Green Mountain

Body Mapping
Additional charges apply for this offering
Body Mapping trains musicians to move according to the true anatomical design of their body. Exploring the structures involved in playing an instrument, it enhances performance by increasing freedom and reducing the risk of pain and injury. It provides invaluable information for young musicians to support their understanding of their technical development. The course will be led by GMCMF faculty member Alison Wells and will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 & 23, 2024, immediately before Green Mountain begins.

Secondary Viola
Additional charges apply for this offering
Violinists who attend Green Mountain have an opportunity to enroll in secondary viola lessons with GMCMF viola faculty. Students receive four one-hour lessons throughout the course of the festival and may attend viola studio classes. Opportunities to rent a viola are available through Vermont Violins if students do not have a viola of their own. This offering is open to violinists regardless of whether they have any previous viola experience.

Wellness Offerings
Green Mountain also offers various wellness programs both on a group and individual basis (additional charges may apply for some).

Registration for above course offerings will take place in Spring of 2024 and is separate from the online application.