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Checks may be made out to Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival and mailed to:
Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival
PO Box 969
Amherst, MA 01004

Make a Gift of Stock
Making a gift of stock or appreciated securities may offer you an income tax charitable deduction as well as an opportunity to avoid capital gains liability.

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Matching Gifts
Many employers will match employee charitable contributions. You and/or your spouse/partner can request a matching gift form from your respective employer(s) for us to complete. We will return this form to your employer, who will then match your contribution in support of your gift to the Festival.

In-kind Donations
GMCMF accepts tax-deductible in-kind gifts of instruments, office equipment, music, works of art. Gifts must be assessed prior to acceptance. 

Gifts from a Traditional IRA
Effective December 2015, starting at age 70-1/2 you can make gifts (annual or capital) by rolling over funds directly from your IRA to Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival (GMCMF). Such gifts do not create a taxable event for the donor, and help to satisfy the annual RMD (required minimum distribution). The annual cap for these types of rollovers is $100,000. At death a traditional IRA is viewed by the IRS as Income in Respect to Decedent (IRD). As such it may be subject to dual taxation (both income and estate taxes). You can avoid this by making GMCMF the beneficiary of all or a part of your IRA or 401K.

Planned Giving
Please contact us at info@gmcmf.org if you are interested in leaving a gift from your estate to provide an opportunity to students for years to come. 


Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID is 37-1501970.