Festival and SMC Policies


Tuition is non-refundable.
An agreement to participate in GMCMF creates commitments to the program's other participants. Many others are affected if a student leaves the program early, therefore no refunds will be made in the case of early departure.

Practice hours
While practicing effectively is ultimately the responsibility of the individual student, the festival schedule is designed to support an intense morning practice period for all participants. Practice hours are from 8:00 AM until noon, Monday through Saturday. During these hours, students are expected to be in their rooms practicing for the first 50 minutes of each hour, unless they are at a lesson. Chamber music rehearsals and coachings may not take place during the mornings on Monday through Saturday. During the 50-minute morning practice periods, students are expected not to socialize, talk on the phone, or use computers. Resident assistants will do daily checks to help make sure that students are practicing as consistently and effectively as possible.

Lessons and rehearsal schedule
Students must keep their lesson and rehearsal times and places posted on their door, and keep this schedule up-to-date.

Artist Faculty, Emerging Artists Concerts, Mansfield Solo Concerts and Studio Classes
Participants will be required to attend a certain number of Emerging Artists and Mansfield Solo Concerts (student concerts). Attendance at all Artist Faculty concerts is required. Each faculty member will hold a weekly studio class, required for members of that studio but open to all.

Appropriate behavior
All GMCMF participants are expected to show courtesy and respect for festival faculty, resident staff, and fellow students at all times. As guests on St. Michael's campus, all festival participants are expected to treat campus property and university employees with respect, and to observe all St. Michael's College policies (see following).

Visitation hours are from noon until curfew. Persons other than GMCMF participants are not allowed in any area of the dorms, unless the Resident Director has given permission. Only GMCMF participants may stay overnight in the dorms.

Leaving Campus
Before leaving campus for any reason, all students, regardless of age, must sign out and sign back in upon their return. The sign-out sheet will be posted at the Festival office in the Dion Family Student Center. If students are under the age of 18, they may only leave the St. Michael's College campus accompanied by a member of the residential staff, faculty, their parent, or their legal guardian, unless the student has submitted a release form signed by a parent or legal guardian granting specific permission to leave campus. Students leaving campus should be with at least one other person. Campus boundaries will be explained during student orientation.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
Possessing or drinking alcoholic beverages on campus (regardless of student’s age), selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor, or using illicit drugs (including marijuana) at any time are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program with no refund. In addition, GMCMF students of legal drinking age (21 and older) may not consume alcohol while participating in off-campus activities sponsored by the festival (e.g. recreational trips or performance events). When they are off-campus on their own, students of legal drinking age are expected to abide by all liquor laws of the State of Vermont.

St. Michael's College Policies
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
Student participants in St. Michael's College events are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol on the St. Michael's College campus, even if 21 years of age or older. For persons under the age of 21, the possession or consumption of alcohol is a crime in the State of Vermont. Additionally, selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor is a crime in the State of Vermont. Use, possession, sale, or distribution of illegal or controlled substances (including marijuana) or associated paraphernalia is strictly prohibited and subject to judicial action.


Saint Michael’s College is a tobacco free institution, and smoking is not allowed in any area on campus. This includes the smoking of marijuana.

Care of St. Michael's College Property
The lobbies and other public spaces must be kept clean, in dorm buildings as well as in the McCarthy Arts Center. Students may not remove screens from any residence hall window. Propping open or otherwise interfering with the closure of any security door is prohibited.

Violations of Festival or St. Michael's College Policies
Consequences imposed for not observing policies of Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival or St. Michael's College will vary depending upon the violation. Serious infractions may be enforced by St. Michael's College Police Services and Colchester law enforcement officials.

The following measures will be taken if a student violates Festival or St. Michael's College policies:

1) Verbal warning from Resident Director, with possible earlier curfew; notice given to major teacher.
2) Written warning to student from Resident Director; notice given to major teacher and Artistic Director.
3) Immediate dismissal from Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival without refund.